Will You Answer the Call to Feed Rwandan Families?

Rwanda has been in lockdown for 7 weeks. Like the United States, churches have been closed and ministers are trying to reach people through radio, TV, and social media networks.

Our brother in Christ, Archbishop Laurent Mbanda writes:

“Our dioceses and the provincial office have suspended staff due to no contributions [tithes and offerings] coming in, and whatever comes in is used to help vulnerable families. The government is trying to help provide food, but is also calling on churches, NGOs and the private sector to help out.”

There are currently 183 cases, 88 cured and 95 still sick. Due to low employment and suspended working contracts people are near starving. Those especially vulnerable are daily laborers, motorcycle drivers, and anyone who depends on what they make per day to provide food for their families.

Bishop Mbanda is working to not only feed the vulnerable, but also the pastors and their families who have lost their income due to the lockdown. The following table is a breakdown of what your money will be used for.

(1) 10 kg of Flour
(2) 5 kg of Beans
(3) 5 kg of Rice
(4) 1 bar of Soap
(5) 2 ltr of Oil
(6) 2 kg of Sugar
Total per family= ($22 USD)

Rwanda needs our help. For only $22 you can feed a family in need. Every multiple of $22 you donate supports an additional family. Please prayerfully consider supporting Bishop Mbanda’s cause.

As an incentive to give,  The Broad Street Grind has graciously agreed to donate 4 oz. bags of coffee from Rwanda for anyone who donates the amount of 5 ($110 USD) or more meals.

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