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Everything You Know is About to Change: Why I Will Never Forget 9/11

My fourth reflection in honor of the 21st anniversary of September 11 There is a scene in the Narnia movie Prince Caspian that always makes me cry. It is when the Pevensie children, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, are running in the ocean and laughing, delighted to be back in Narnia. Previous to that moment they had been standing…

Remembering the Day That Everything Changed – September 11, 2001

This is the third of my reflections on the twenty-first anniversary of 9/11. More of my answer to the man at the missions conference who told us it was “time to ‘get over’ September 11.” No. Maybe it is because I feel as if I owe my life to the brave passengers on United Flight…

Angie’s Great Project

Angela Houtz, September 6, 1974-September 11, 2001,Rest in Peace and Rise in GloryAngie served her country and the homeless – until 9/11 cut her life short.  September 11 is a national day of mourning for all that we lost on 9/11/01. It is a day to mourn for the lost innocence of a 9/10 world, a…

Not Getting Over 9/11

(Updated once again for the 21st Anniversary of this hideous jihad attack on American soil, this is one of several reflections on September 11, 2001 that I will be posting in the next 2 days. We pray, we thank God for the valiant firefighters, police, and other first responders and for those who answered the…


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