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‘We are not safe in our homes… Lord have mercy.’ Archbishop Kwashi
Please join us and pray for the Christian victims of the Fulani cattle herdsmen attack who have suffered terrible violence in Jos, Nigeria.
On Saturday June 30, 2018 Fulani cattle herdsman attacked 11 villages and killed 218 people and injured many in Plateau State, Central Nigeria. Over 300 people are now displaced. A large number of these refugees are women and children who are now living in displaced people’s camps in and around Jos.
Archbishop’s home attacked.
The home of the Anglican Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi (pictured above) was also attacked. The archbishop was at home when the raiders struck.
They seized nine cows and shot and killed a neighbor who challenged them by shining a flash light in their direction. Archbishop Ben Kwashi heard the raiders break into his compound and told everyone to stay indoors until they had left. They struck on Saturday June 30.
Adamu Dung who was killed in the attack.
Archbishop Kwashi said, ‘Adamu Dung was shot through the head because he flashed his light when he heard footsteps of cattle being rustled.
The cows were mine. Adamu was killed. He is no threat. He is an ordinary citizen struggling with life and doing every honest job to make ends meet. When I saw the widow and the house I could not help myself, my tears flowed freely and my heart shattered! I still carry the image of the house, the widow and the children. Adamu died, killed by rustlers in front of his house.’
Archbishop Kwashi
Archbishop Kwashi
Christians in Nigeria’s north face increased persecution and attack. Archbishop Kwashi has called repeatedly for the government to step up security to protect Christians under attack in Nigeria’s north.
The 2017 Global Terrorism Index, which estimates that more than 60,000 people have been killed across West Africa in clashes between ethnic Fulani herdsmen and settled farming communities since 2001. The Fulani attackers are mainly Muslims and the settled farmers are mainly Christians.
 The situation for the displaced Christians is serious

Archbishop Kwashi’s staff report that the camps are over  crowded with very poor sanitary condition.

Archbishop Kwashi meets displaced and grieving women
Many people sleep outside in the open with no blankets. This is worse for the children under the present climatic conditions of the rainy season.
  • Emergency food is in short supply. The displaced Christians have lost their homes and belongings. Even the camps have lost their supplies in the recent attacks.
  • Blankets are needed to keep the children and other displaced people warm and sheltered.
  • Urgent medications are required. Especially anti-malarial and cough medications due to the exposure to the cold and mosquitoes.
  • Clothing for the women and children is also needed, especially pregnant women and nursing mothers.
The Convocation of Anglicans in North America [CANA] is partnering with Katartimos Global to pray, raise funds and support Archbishop Kwashi and the displaced people of Jos.
Bishop Julian Dobbs said, ‘The situation is Jos breaks my heart.  I spoke with Archbishop Kwashi last week and pledged my full support to stand with him and those who are suffering.  I invite you to pray and financially support our brothers and sisters in Christ.’
Your prayers will help turn the tears of our brothers and sisters in Christ into praise and thanks to God. If you would also like to support financially, your gifts will provide the food and emergency supplies listed above.
Other ways to give:
If you would like to give by check, please make your check payable to Katartismos Global, 9071 Center Street, Manassas, Va 20110
If you prefer to telephone, call:
(703) 662-0265
All donations are tax deductible through Katartismos Global 501(c)3

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