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KGI Global Advocacy 2022 Highlights

Here are some glimpses into our 2022 accomplishments, thanks to support from those who care about religious freedom at home and abroad!

New Heaven, New War; God’s Search & Destroy Mission; and a Fairytale of New York

Some say “Fairytale of New York” is so loved because it’s more emotionally “real” …But emotional reality doesn’t have to be full of despair… It’s just as “real” to have joy and have abundant life!

A Sign for You

A baby wrapped in swaddling cloths was a SIGN to the shepherds. Why?


“Joy to the World” has always been my favorite Christmas carol, even though it’s NOT a Christmas carol. Isaac Watts, known as the inventor of English hymns, wrote it in 1719 as an interpretation of Psalm 96 and 98, about the day the Messiah will come. What better reason to shout joyfully?