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If It’s Not Tuesday — (You Can Still Give!)

I present to you the bare bones and the highlights of this crazy year.

Huey and the Vets

Reprinted for Veterans Day in honor of all Veterans, with love and prayers thatĀ allĀ the men and women who have given so much to our nation will continue to receive the same kind of appreciation and honor that Liberty Warbirds (formerly Liberty War Birds Association)… Continue Reading “Huey and the Vets”

The Berlin Wall: Tyranny Laid Waste

(I update and republish this story annually to honor the victims of Communism and the brave souls that fought and died for freedom, and to serve as a warning to our foolish nation today that takes freedom for granted and surrenders freedom seemingly without… Continue Reading “The Berlin Wall: Tyranny Laid Waste”

September 11, Honoring Heroism, Sacrifice, and True Goodness

Just because life continues to change in ways that we cannot control or even keep up with does not mean that we should not mark 9/11. I intend to do so for as long as I live.