Praying for Afghanistan

Don’t forget Afghanistan.

The media has moved on. The White House has moved on. The Department of Defense has moved on. The State Department has moved on (and has moved the Afghanis that they handpicked right into the United States) . . . But the Church must not move on.

Because you know who has not yet moved on, who is trying, trying desperately, to move on — out of the reach of the murderous, jihadist Taliban — but has not yet been able to escape? Remaining American citizens; Afghani allies of the United States including SIV (Special Immigration Visa) holders and applicants, interpreters and friends of our military men and women, mostly from the Hazara ethnic group; vulnerable women and children, including special needs orphans and those who care for them; and our brothers and sisters in Christ, Afghanistan’s underground church — compromised of converts from Islam.

I have to interject here that some of the church leaders and other Christians are not trying to flee the Taliban. They have stated that they have been called by God to stay, to share Jesus with their fellow Afghanis — and with the Taliban, until they are killed. Ever feel that American Christianity lacks a little backbone?

As we know, the Light shines brightest in the dark. In the darkness of the brutality of the Taliban, of the feeling of betrayal that many of us and of course the Afghanis feel about the actions of the Administration, and of the unbelievable obstacles that have been raised for those who are trying to escape, there has been a great light shining. The American people have been extraordinarily generous — giving millions of dollars to help rescue Christians and other vulnerable people in Afghanistan. The rescuers have been valiant — courageous and determined to save as many lives as possible. And God has been faithful — providing ways where there was no way, doing the kind of miracles that our brothers and sisters in the persecuted church see far more often than do those of us with jaded, cessationist eyes.

You can hear about some of those miracles on this video from Intercessors for America, talking to Chad Robichaux, the founder of the Mighty Oaks Foundation and leader of one of rescue efforts in Afghanistan, “Save Our Allies.” (196) First Friday Prayer | Never Before Told God Stories from Afghanistan – YouTube

Last month, September 17, I was interviewed about the situation of the Christians and others in Afghanistan by Dana Loesch on her show on The First network. I talked about how I was recruited into efforts to help identify those who needed to rescued by one of the several great ministries or rescue organizations. And I revealed to Dana how much difficulty had been put in our paths by our own government! You can watch it here:

KGI Global Advocacy Director Faith McDonnell talks to Dana Loesch on The First

A couple of weeks later another one of the hosts on The First, Mike Slater, had me on his show to report on the rescue efforts. That show’s section on Afghanistan begins at approximately minute 41:00 with Senator Josh Hawley. Josh was so good that he got me all fired up and let loose a bit on the horrors that had taken place to some of those we are trying to help because of some of the actions our government has taken. (196) (Full Show | 9-29-21) America At A Crossroads – YouTube

I provided to The First a list of the organizations that are doing rescues. If you are interested in helping, you can view that list (not exhaustive, I know, but with as many of the groups with which I am familiar that are not “the big ones” that everyone knows about, like Open Doors, Voice of the Martyrs, Samaritan’s Purse, etc.) on the attachment that can be downloaded. That attachment also includes prayer points for Afghanistan.

Please do continue to pray for more successful rescues, more protection, and for the transformation of the country. And feel free to contact me if you want more information (that is safe to share).

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