Hungary’s Victory

Part 1: Election Victory

On Sunday, April 3, 2022, the ruling Fidesz party won Hungary’s elections. Prime Minister Viktor Orban was elected by the Hungarian people to his fourth consecutive term. This was not only unprecedented, but against all odds. Such odds as:

  • Defeating a cadre of opposition parties supported by such globalists as George Soros and endorsed by the Leftists in Europe and the United States. Countering false narratives perpetrated about anti-Semitism and more recently, about Prime Minister Orban “supporting” Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.
  • Preventing election fraud (Do I dare say having dominion over your elections, but not Dominion in your elections?)
  • Overcoming years of demonization from said globalists outraged because Hungary will not obey the directives regarding abortion, LGBTQIA++ issues, illegal immigration, and eschewing national pride and Christian identity (Gee! Some might even call it “Christian nationalism.”)

Americans could learn a thing or two from the Hungarians’ participation in their elections. An admirable almost 70 percent of the citizens turned out to vote. The Fidesz-led alliance won 136 seats in the 199-seat parliament, maintaining its two-thirds majority. In the words of the State Secretary for International Communications and Relations, Zoltan Kovacs, “The whole world has seen that Hungarians love their country. God above us all, Hungary above all – go Hungary, go Hungarians!”

So why am I writing about this on the Katartismos Global blog? What does this have to do with “equipping the saints for the work of ministry”? Plenty!

In addition to Hungary’s unapologetic identification of itself as a “Christian Nation” and its pro-family, pro-marriage, pro-unborn baby policies, Hungary sets an example for the rest of the world in its generous humanitarian aid and advocacy for persecuted Christians around the world.

Hungary is the only country in the world with a state-level ministry for aid to persecuted Christians, accompanied by a government program “Hungary Helps.” Some countries, very admirably, have an office for “Freedom of Religion or Belief” with the melodious acronym “FoRB.” But only Hungary unapologetically states that more Christians are persecuted for their faith than any other faith group, while still assisting those of other faiths.

Many conservatives who acclaim Hungary for being pro-life and pro-marriage overlook this other policy that gives Hungary its unique identity. But God does not. The Lord promises that for those who “loose the bonds of wickedness,” “let the oppressed go free,” and “share their bread with the hungry” their “light will rise in the darkness” and they will be like “a well-watered garden.” (Isaiah 58).

In honor of Hungary’s election victory and in celebration that its good and godly policies will not end, in part 2 of this post I will share five things that I learned about Hungary when I visited Budapest in 2019.

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