Turn Off the Genocide Games

And Read about an Olympic Hero Instead!

Many people have opted to not watch the Beijing Olympics. Viewing is way down compared to past Olympics. And hashtags such as #GenocideGames #notoneminute #GenocideOlympics #norightsnogames #UyghurGenocide and others have been trending throughout the Olympics. And the corporate sponsors of the Olympics have been paid for their ambivalence to genocide, oppression, Christian persecution, and our own national security with the loss of millions and millions of dollars!

You can read more about the efforts to make the Beijing Genocide Games notorious by the Committee on the Present Danger: China. I am a founding member of the Committee and a member of our campaign that made the term “Genocide Games” part of the culture. There are memes and other resources for you to use on social media at the Genocide Games website.

I hope you have joined this stand. If you have, here is a story about a famous, heroic Olympian who put his honoring of the Lord and his principles above Olympic gold to read when you’re NOT watching the Olympics. And if you haven’t joined yet, maybe the life of the great Eric Liddell will encourage you to take a strong stand. You’ve still got time to take a stand. The closing ceremonies are on February 20. Here’s the first few paragraphs of the story, published by The Stream. You can read the rest here.

An Olympian’s Sacrifice

The Olympic Games are dreamed of by athletes all over the world. The Olympic Gold Medal is the goal of athletes all over the world. But now and then there comes along an individual who is willing to sacrifice their dreams and risk the goal of fame and fortune for a higher calling.

The Genocide Games in Beijing

We are currently witnessing this ultimate test of athletes. Or at least people not boycotting the 2022 Beijing Olympics (a.k.a. Genocide Games) are witnessing it. Those of us who believe that it is unspeakably immoral to allow the Chinese Communist Party — perpetrators of genocide, persecution, oppression and global devastation — the privilege of hosting this practically sacred event are not watching. We wait for daily media reports.

The media do their job providing the CCP with a great propaganda team. Particularly NBC, the network with the Big Olympics Contract, has done its job well. NBC anchors have been gushing over the games since the opening ceremonies’ use of a Uighur skier lighting the Olympic flame. But as they perform their intricate, yet ambiguous, mental and verbal gyrations, giving slavery a positive spin, someone should tell them gymnastics are for the Summer Olympics.

Hong Konger and author Didi Kirsten Tatlow provides a more honest analysis. On February 8 she shared on Twitter, “The lighting of the Olympic flame by a Uighur and the capture of a Taiwan dove at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics are a political signal; a message to the international community, that China is proud of what it is doing.” And sadly, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), corporate sponsors, and media appear proud of what they are doing as well, even as TV ratings for Olympics viewing reach new depths.

Not All That the Athletes Bargained For

But what about the athletes? Are they proud and happy? It appears to be a mixed bag. Certainly, any athlete is proud to do their best and compete well. But the New York Post reports, “Complaints from athletes and officials are pouring in about the alleged poor living conditions, dining options, isolating rooms, and debilitating weather conditions, according to social media posts.” Those conditions make it hard for an athlete to even compete, let alone do their best.

Not to seem harsh, but they can’t say they weren’t warned. The danger of putting yourself in the capable hands of the CCP was broadcast to athletes by many sources. As was an appeal to their consciences and moral character, urging the athletes to be willing to sacrifice everything they had worked for in order to take a stand against genocide in China.

The Committee on the Present Danger: China, of which I am a founding member, launched a Genocide Games task force, urging the IOC to “keep our athletes from harm.” We declared, “If the Beijing Olympics are too dangerous for NBC and ESPN because of Covid, then they are too dangerous for our athletes.” So the athletes of the 2022 Olympics could have bowed out for the sake of self-preservation, even if they were not prone to self-sacrifice.

Then there’s Boston Celtics star Enes Kanter Freedom. Freedom has tirelessly challenged other athletes to sacrifice ambitions and dreams for the sake of humanity and decency. The 6’10” player of Turkish descent officially changed his last name to the concept he most reveres when recently he became an American citizen. He has risked his sports career to speak out over and over about the CCP’s evil deeds. He sums up his feelings on the Olympics thusly, “I believe no one, no one should attend the Genocide Games. How simple is that?”

Eric Liddell: Gold Medals and God

Eric Liddell is seen running during the British Empire vs. United States of America (Relays) meet held at Stamford Bridge, London, on July 19, 1924.

It was quite simple for one Olympian. This was not a contender in 2022 Beijing, it was a runner in 1924 Paris. The “Flying Scotsman” Eric Liddell sacrificed what he assumed would be his only shot at a gold medal, competing in the 100 meters race, because to participate in that race would mean to compromise who he was and what was most important in his life. He put honoring God before becoming an Olympic champion. STORY CONTINUES ON THE STREAM, HERE.

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