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Lovers of Truth Cannot Be Bought

Looking at the disastrous mistakes the US government has made with the CCP, I realize that what I admire MOST about Falun Dafa and other truth-tellers is that You will not be bought!

Apathy Towards the CCP Will Kill US: THE INDICTMENT Shows Us How to Fight Back

The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is the one-stop shop for any number of nightmarish scenarios.

An Evening with Mr. Freedom

It’s only fitting to give a “Freedom Award” to a man who speaks out unapologetically about the evils of the Chinese Communist Party. Especially when he has recently become a proud American citizen and officially changed his last name to FREEDOM. It has been… Continue Reading “An Evening with Mr. Freedom”

Turn Off the Genocide Games

And Read about an Olympic Hero Instead! Many people have opted to not watch the Beijing Olympics. Viewing is way down compared to past Olympics. And hashtags such as #GenocideGames #notoneminute #GenocideOlympics #norightsnogames #UyghurGenocide and others have been trending throughout the Olympics. And the… Continue Reading “Turn Off the Genocide Games”