Deborah Emmanuel, Christian Martyr

One year ago today, May 12, 2022, Nigerian Christian university student Deborah Emmanuel was hunted down, tortured, stoned to death, and her body burned by her Islamic classmates for her faith.


First of all, there were mistaken reports, when reporters bothered to talk about it all (Western journalists and diplomats couldn’t find a way to blame climate change, so why bother?) misnaming this beautiful 22 year-old Christian girl who was the victim of a horrific “blasphemy murder” for being a Christian in Sokoto, Nigeria.

She’s been called Deborah Yakubu. Deborah Samuel. But her name was Deborah Emmanuel. She was a Christian and her name, Emmanu’el means “With us is God.” And now, with God is Deborah.

Persecution impacts all parts of the Body of Christ in Nigeria, including our brothers and sisters in the Anglican Church of Nigeria. There has been no justice for those who have been killed, including Deborah. Neither the Nigerian government nor any other national government or international body has brought justice for persecuted Christians.

Is the global Body of Christ standing with the Church in Nigeria? Katartismos Global is blessed to be part of the religious freedom fighters who will never forget Deborah and will fight for all the persecuted Christians in Nigeria. Our friends at Jubilee Campaign USA, Save the Persecuted Christians, and other groups, as well as truth-speaking journalists like Douglas Burton and his Nigerian team of Rural Reports, have provided all of the facts about Deborah’s murder.

A news release today from Save the Persecuted Christians provides important details, including the fact that although NO ONE has been charged or punished for the murder, another Christian woman, Rhoda Jatau, was arrested on blasphemy charges on May 20, 2022, when she made a social media post condemning the violence. She is still in jail, and the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has called for her release. Here is the news release:

The most accurate and complete report on the circumstances surrounding the death of Deborah Emmanuel is found in a Catholic News Agency article by Douglas Burton and Beloved John, an independent conflict reporter based in Nigeria, from June 23, 2022.

Again, is the global Body of Christ standing with Nigerian Christians? What about the Body of Christ in America?

Save the Persecuted Christians and Jubilee Campaign have collaborated on a tool kit to make it easy for you to take action for Nigeria. In particular, see the information on House Resolution 82, recently introduced by Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) a heroic defender of the Persecuted Church. The resolution calls for the designation of Nigeria as a Country of Particular Concern for engaging in and tolerating systematic, ongoing, and egregious violations of religious freedom and declares the need to appoint a Special Envoy for Nigeria and the Lake Chad region. The tool kit also includes suggested tweets and other resources. Please remember Deborah Emmanuel, don’t forget imprisoned Nigerian Christian Rhoda Jatau, and help defend vulnerable Christians in Nigeria.

This Sunday, May 14, is the birthday of another Nigerian Christian young woman who should NEVER be forgotten – Leah Sharibu. More to follow.

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