The above question is the title of the new monthly newsletter from Katartismos Global Advocacy. I have been asked “what’s going on. . . in Nigeria? in Pakistan? in China? in Sudan? in Canada? in the United States? So I decided it was time to start a newsletter. What’s Going On: In the World of Oppression, Persecution, Totalitarianism, and Tyranny in General and What Can You Do About It? It will be found in PDF form here, beginning today with the September 2023 edition. I will also send this one out by email, available for printing out and reproducing, to those for whom I have contact information, and if you would like to be added to the list, please be in touch with me at advocacy@kgiglobal.org.

I am also going to begin a weekly livestream soon. I need to determine the best method for that. Probably on the KGI Facebook page, or my YouTube channel, for which I will add the details soon.

Thank you for caring about our persecuted brothers and sisters. In an upcoming livestream I will discuss how resistant I ALWAYS was to speaking about any sort of discrimination or bias against Christians in America or the West in general as “persecution.” But how that has changed. You will see a couple of examples of the strength of the current hostility against Christians in this newsletter, especially in the treatment of Pastor Artur Pawlowski in Canada. Please pray for his upcoming trial on September 18.

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